Exparel for Post Surgical Pain Control

Your Non-Narcotic Pain Relief Option

What is EXPAREL?

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EXPAREL is a non-addictive medication that provides effective pain control during the crucial few days after surgery, when you need it most.

Talk to your doctor before surgery about your options for postsurgical pain management. EXPAREL is indicated for administration into the surgical site to produce postsurgical analgesia.

How does EXPAREL work?

This medication is slowly released over time to give you long-lasting pain control EXPAREL is given during your procedure, by your surgeon, directly into the surgical area EXPAREL contains bupivacaine, a nonaddictive, proven pain reliever that numbs the area where your surgery is performed.

What makes EXPAREL different?

When included as part of your treatment plan, EXPAREL Only numbs the area where your surgery is performed Provides long-lasting pain control Can reduce the need for other pain medications, such as narcotics*

Plan ahead. BEFORE surgery, ask your doctor or nurse if EXPAREL is the right choice for you.

As with any medication, you may experience side effects with EXPAREL. Side effects that may occur with EXPAREL most commonly include nausea, constipation and/or vomiting. Speak with your doctor right away if you experience any of these side effects or if you have questions about possible side effects.

Important Safety Information

EXPAREL should not be used in obstetrical paracervical block anesthesia.

In studies with EXPAREL, the most common side effects were nausea, constipation, and vomiting.

EXPAREL is not recommended for use in patients younger than 18 years of age or in pregnant women.

Tell your healthcare professional if you have liver disease as this may affect how the active ingredient (bupivacaine) in EXPAREL is eliminated from your body.

EXPAREL should not be injected into the spine, joints, or veins.

Other local anesthetics should not be injected immediately after injecting EXPAREL; this may lead to an immediate release of the active ingredient in EXPAREL.

The active ingredient in EXPAREL can affect your nervous and cardiovascular system, may cause an allergic reaction, and/or if injected into your joints may cause damage to the joints.

* The benefit to patients from taking less of a narcotic pain reliever like morphine or hydrocodone has not been demonstrated.